Manage PLM Implementation Costs

A PLM implementation is extremely complex.  The cost of implementation can be as much as five (5) times the cost of the software.

The more you know about what PLM software can and can’t do, the easier it will be for you to understand its complexities and minimize them.  A PLM implementation starts with a detailed analysis that makes it easy to design and construct the solution that meets your company’s needs.

A PLM implementation is a project – a rather large project.  As a project manager, I typically break down the project into 4 sections: Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation.

A detailed Analysis is critical

Your detailed analysis will be the basis for a requirements document so that you will purchase software that meets your needs.  It will be the input to the design team so that they can design a solution that meets your company’s needs. Done well, the rest of the project should go smoothly.

Detailed Design

Starting from your detailed analysis, the design team should be able to come up with a design that meets your requirements and your solution vision.  The design should answer most [if not all] of the questions that your construction team might need answered.

Solution Construction

Working from your finished design document, coders/solution builders should be able to deliver a solution that meets your requirements/needs.  Do your best to avoid scope creep which adds up quickly.


With the solution installed, train your user community.  Roll out and begin to reap the benefits of the solution and its expected return on investment.

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