PLM & Quality

Quality Management is about following the procedures that you have written to maintain and ultimately improve quality.  Quality Management requires control and visibility.  If you have read many of my blogs, you will know that PLM is all about control and visibility.

Control assures that your procedures are followed so that your outcomes are predictable.  Quality Management is about optimizing performance through analysis and improvement and assuring that your product or service meets your quality goals.

Over-simplifying, to be compliant with ISO9001 a company needs to be able to show written documentation as to how they design and manufacture their product.  Then they need to be able to prove that they follow those procedures.  PLM software greatly simplifies compliance.

Components for Quality

Technology – In order to manage quality, you need a software solution [like PLM] that provides: Control to make sure that all of your employees follow procedures; Visibility so that you can monitor how well you are managing your quality procedures; Visibility so that you can see if your procedures are working as well as planned; Collaboration so that your people can share their experiences with your procedures and talk with others to improve them; Collaboration so that your people can share their thoughts on quality; etc.

Environment – Ideally, leadership needs to create a culture of quality and continuous improvement.  One person cannot be responsible for quality by themselves, this needs to be an all hands activity.  There needs to be a Quality First approach to daily activities.  Quality needs to be a company attitude.

Quality Management Compliance is about doing what is required.  Quality Management Excellence is about doing more [improving your procedures to provide a better product] – it is an attitude.

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