ISO 9001

The gist of ISO 9001 is that you have a process in place for manufacturing your widget or providing a service and you can prove that you follow that process.

Why does ISO 9001 matter?

There are 2 main reasons that it matters.  One – Your competition is using ISO 9001 compliance as a competitive advantage.  Two – Being ISO 9001 compliant can bring down your costs.


When you provide a quote [proposal] to a prospect, ISO 9001 is a check box.  If your competition is compliant and you are not, it is likely that you will not win the business.

This is important enough that many manufacturers will post signs on the outside of their buildings that say they are ISO 90001 compliant.

Reduce Costs

Process management is about efficiency.

Working from a process that is repeatable – It is easier to train employees to perform a task; They will get more efficient performing those tasks; They may find easier, faster ways to perform those tasks; etc.

When you take on process management, process improvement comes with it.  Improving processes is a sure fire way to reduce costs.  Improving processes is an ongoing activity.

PLM software has a workflow component that enables ISO 9001 compliance.

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One thought on “ISO 9001

  1. Thanks Scott for your blog. Today’s, is especially pointed – ” Improving processes is an ongoing activity.” This is not a project we plan for, execute, and check a box. Continual improvement – as necessary as the job itself. Valuable.

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