Customer Expectations Management

This week, I want to discuss the importance of customer expectations management.

The impact of expectations

Imagine that you were expecting a commission of several thousand dollars.  In reality, you received only several hundred dollars.  Your reaction is disappointment.  However, if the reverse were true, you would be dancing.

I am sure you have heard the phrase – under promise and over deliver.

How do you move your customers to be ecstatic?  Exceed your customer’s expectations they will be ecstatic.

What does ecstatic get you?

  • An ecstatic customer will purchase more goods from your company.
  • An ecstatic customer will help you with potential product enhancements. These enhancements will increase demand for your company’s goods and it will cause your existing customers to increase their purchases.
  • An ecstatic customer blowing your horn to everyone will get you referral business. Sales from referrals take far less time to get an order than the average new sales work.
  • Maintaining an ecstatic customer is far cheaper than looking for and landing new customers.

These are 4 good reasons to establish close working relationships with your customers.  A successful Customer Expectations Strategy pays not only now but in the future.  If you don’t have a strategy, start now.  Need some help?


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