Data Migration to PLM Software

There are many steps required to successfully implement PLM software.  When you add up the cost of the services that it takes to complete them, it can get expensive.

It all starts with gathering your requirements.  I have said it before and I will say it again, a complete thorough requirements document will save you time and money.

Theoretically, the implementation team will be working from a document that is not changing.  Changes are time consuming and expensive.

Tip – Implement what you have documented.  Once implemented, there will always be changes or modifications – make them then.

Data Migration Strategies

The topic of data migration always arises while gathering requirements.  Let’s examine a couple of options.

  • Migrate existing data into your PLM software

If you choose to migrate all existing data, one task that needs to be performed is data cleansing.  Having done this before, I will tell you that it takes more time to clean the data than to move it into your PLM software.

This requires a team of people from your company and programming services.  [Its only money…]

  • Migrate your data as you use it

This strategy requires you to migrate data as you use it.  When a worker is working on a project they gather all of the necessary information they need, they perform their activities and then they check-in the accurate information into their PLM software.

This requires only the worker.  Over time, the PLM software will contain only good data.

The only drawback to this option is that you will need to keep your old system of storage on line so that the data can be accessed.  That system will not need to be updated, just maintained [and backed up].

Most of my customers have chosen the last option.  Contact me to learn more…


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