Extending PLM

After companies have successfully implemented their PLM software, they continue to make minor improvements [tweaking].

Most companies will implement their engineering change process first.  When they see how great that works, they will want to implement other processes.  Processes like NPI [new product introductions] come to mind.

The next enhancement to your PLM software is usually Integration.

Integrations to other software are common.

Other software to PLM

There may be information in some other software [like ERP – enterprise resource planning] that would be helpful in PLM.  An example might be inventory numbers or change requests against a part.

PLM to other software

The obvious integration is posting the latest released bill of materials into your ERP software.  You may want to see change requests in your ERP software.  If you manage your vendor selection process in PLM, you will want the selected vendors to appear in your ERP.

Why not Analytics?

PLM does not track real time, it tracks the time that you have a file on your desk.  Even though this isn’t real time, it can be useful [let’s call it wall time].

Wall time can show you bottlenecks.  It can show a change request sitting too long on someone’s desk.  It can show that a process needs improvement.  It can show high frequency of errors.

PLM software takes advantage of a database, so all sorts of reports are available.

Contact me to discuss other analytics available with PLM software…


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