Taking on PLM?

There are many steps to take to prepare for a PLM project.  What follows are some key ones…

The Problem

Make a list of the problems you want to solve.

How much is each problem costing you?  What is the annual cost of the sum of those problems?  Some problems may be difficult to put a price on, but if they were removed your company would function better.

This information is needed because the cost of the solution needs be less than the cost of the problem.


It is important to understand what PLM software can and cannot do.  There are cases where‘lighter’ software [like PDM] may solve most of your problems at a far lower price.

Then again, there are things that PDM software can’t do that only PLM software can do.

Is this [PDM, PLM] the right software to solve the problems you have identified?

Create a requirements document

Create your requirements document before speaking with vendors.  What is your solution vision?  If the world were perfect, what would your solution look like?  Make an exhaustive list – you will likely pare it down later.

Don’t be surprised to find out that there are requirements that are just too expensive to implement.

When you go through your requirements with vendors, you will be making decisions about what is important and what is not.  There are always cost trade off’s.

Your solution vision will likely change as you learn more.

Cost Justification

What must you prepare to get budget approval for this project?  Is a return on investment analysis necessary?  Will you need to present this project to your ‘financial buyer’?

Talk with Companies that have taken on PLM

Some things that you want to learn from these companies:

  • Project – How did their project go? Did they come up with an accurate cost number?  How much did it change?  What would they do different?
  • Vendor – Did the vendor deliver what was promised? Were they easy to work with?  Did the final solution meet your vision for a solution?  What would they change?

I can help with you with your preparation…


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