Is it Time for PLM?

Last week, I discussed timing for PLM – This week, is it time for PLM?

Timing Conditions from Last Week

–  The cost of managing the information is greater than the cost of the software including implementation costs.

Many studies have been performed and they all allude to the fact that engineers spend 25% of their time looking for information.  If you are paying your engineers $80k per year, you are spending $20k per year looking for information per engineer.

–  Does your company have a document control department?  How much is that costing you?

–  Does your user community complain about how difficult it is to find information?

Are they sure that they have found the latest released document or drawing?  How often do they begin working on the wrong version?  Is your current ‘system’ painful enough that users would welcome a software solution?

–  Does your company have a ‘program manager’ to manage change requests?

How do you know the status of a change request?  How long does it take for a change to be completed?  Does your company have a paper process they are attempting to manage?

–  Has engineering ever sent the wrong information to manufacturing?  How much did this mistake cost you?

–  Is there a person at your company that could fill the role of an internal champion?  This person would guide your company through the coming changes.

Justifying your PLM purchase

PLM software is far less expensive than it used to be.  In order to move forward with a PLM software purchase, companies still need to be able to justify the costs and the disruption – the timing must be right.

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