Addressing the Complexity of PLM

Caution:  PLM Software is very complex

I am sure that most of us do not take advantage of even half of the capabilities of Excel or Word.  PLM software is like that.

PLM software has something like 500 features that you could take advantage of.  It is extremely likely that you will actually need to use less than half of them.

It should seem obvious that implementing PLM software is not a trivial task.  You are going to need some help.  Several options come to mind:

  • You could read the manual and attempt to implement it yourself [not really a feasible plan].
  • You could hire your software provider to do the implementation.
  • You could hire an experienced consultant to do the implementation or help you with the implementation.
  • Or, you could all of the above.

Whichever option you choose, start with a vision of your solution

What would you like the solution to look like after the implementation is complete?  How do you want it to function?  What do you want it to do?

Starting from your vision, create a requirements document.  Your requirements document should be something that you could hand to someone and they would know how the finished implementation should function.  The more thorough your requirements document, the easier it is for someone to implement.

You will need a good understanding of what the software can and can’t do to create a good requirements document.  This will involve needing some help from the people listed above.

I am one of those consultants, I can help…


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