Minimizing the Complexity of PLM

Implementing PLM Software is a very complex undertaking

You wouldn’t build a new house without a plan [set of plans] would you?  Create a plan for your PLM project to ensure a successful PLM implementation.

A PLM implementation plan has 4 major sections:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Implementation


The output of an analysis is a requirements document.  The requirements document will describe what you are looking for in a solution.  You must take control of this part of your PLM project to be sure you end up with ‘your’ solution.

A significant key to a successful analysis is to identify and work with a champion.  This person will be the internal sales person for the solution.  They will sell the benefits to management and to the user community.  They should direct the analysis [like a project manager].

They will uncover the problem(s) that you are looking to fix.  They will put a price on the problem(s).

They will work with the user community to form a vision for a solution.  If the world were perfect, what would your solution look like?  Typically, this will describe what the users will see through the user interface.  It will describe what happens when a button is clicked – Emails get sent, information get stored, information is gathered from another database, information is written to another database, etc.

The resulting requirements document will be the blueprint that is followed to create the design, construct the solution and implement it.

Design – You should work with someone like the vendor to design your solution.

Construction – You will hire someone like the vendor to do the construction.

Implementation – You will hire someone like the vendor to do the implementation.

Need some help creating your plan?


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