Building a PLM Requirements Document

PLM Software is very complex…

When gathering requirements from your user community, their explanation will likely describe what they expect to see on their computer screen.

Preparing a dummy user interface has several advantages:

Work through user interface ideas

The user community can help the analyst understand what users go through on a daily basis by working through sketches of the user interface.  Each user may have a different story that you need to address.  While working through the sketches, the analyst will uncover what users like and what they don’t like.  It makes for an easy conversation.

Communicating graphically really does minimize miscommunications.

A Visual walk through

Walking through the user interface with your user community to gain their approval is extremely beneficial.  You will uncover any mistakes that you might have made and you will be gaining their ‘buy in’ for the finished implementation.

A graphical representation of your user requirements will help you manage expectations.

Graphical Requirements Document

Rather than a text document, your developer/implementer will have a graphical representation.  This provides them with a clear, unambiguous vision of the solution.  They should have very few questions…

Need some help building your requirements document?


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