Requirements – PLM & the Cloud

My past several blogs have dealt with preparing your requirements document for managing a product’s lifecycle.

What about the Cloud?

One of the bigger technology buzzwords today is the ‘cloud’.  The question is not whether to take advantage of the cloud or not, but why make that choice.

While gathering your requirements, ask questions that will help you determine the best choice.  Your decision whether to cloud or not should be supported by your requirements.

Peeling back the onion, the cloud is just a computer [or bank of computers] that is not anywhere on your site.  This solution has some pro’s and con’s…


Deploying in the cloud moves a lot of IT responsibilities from your company to the hosting company.  They will ensure maximum uptime for your applications.  They will provide security for your applications.  They will provide the backup’s and restore needed files.  They will provide a certain amount of troubleshooting and so on.


There is a contingent of people that are not confident about the security of the cloud.  There are others that want the data on their computers inside their ‘4 walls’.  After all, this product information is their ‘intellectual property’.

My thoughts on security start with the fact that Amazon runs their business in the cloud.

Let the requirements answer the question

The data gathered in your requirements should provide the answers you need to make the right selection.

Need some help building your requirements document?


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