PLM Requirements Gathering

My past several blogs have dealt with preparing your requirements document for managing a product’s lifecycle.

Start with an open mind…

I have had conversations with more than one company that began their requirements gathering with a particular technology in mind.  They may have been a big fan of PTC and expected that they would choose Windchill as their PLM software.  Or, as in my last blog, they entered the requirements gathering activity with the idea that they would implement in the cloud.

When you think about the ideal PLM solution for your company, you should be looking at alternatives that are able to solve your problems rather than what technology sounds cool.

Your Objective

Your company has some problem(s) that it is attempting to solve.  These problems are either costing your company money or are inefficient enough to cause some significant disruptions.  The first order of business is to find a solution to these problems/issues.

A specific technology should not be driving the decision.

Obvious Solution Criteria

Beyond solving the problems you have identified, there are some other attributes that are important:

  • It must be user friendly enough that your users will want to use it.
  • It must fit into your budget requirements.
  • You will be working with this vendor for years, you must be confident that they will take care of your company.
  • You must be confident that your solution provider will be around in the future.
  • You may need to integrate this software with others in the future; you should feel comfortable that this is possible.
  • You may want the software to provide you with some reports.
  • Does the solution need to work in a mobile environment?

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; it is intended to get you thinking about all of your needs.

Need some help building your requirements document?


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