PLM & Culture Change

Companies taking on a PLM project will encounter culture change.

Implementing new software means that the user community will need to use that new software and using that new software may require them to change their daily routine.  Many people don’t like change and a bad attitude of just one person can impede or destroy the implementation of your PLM software.

Here are some ways you can address culture change…

Manage Expectations

Expectations management is an important skill.

  • Select a Champion for your PLM implementation. They don’t need to be a C-level executive, but they need to be highly respected.  They will be your internal sales person promoting the benefits to management and to the user community.  They will act as a pied piper that persuades all to follow.
  • Get people involved early and often. The more ownership that they feel will become a positive for the project.  If your company has any negative players, get them involved – it will reduce their negativity.
  • Assemble a User Group that will provide input, perform testing and help with enhancements.
  • Be sure to listen. People will be more supportive if they believe that their opinions matter.

Expect these Benefits

Successfully managing expectations provides some significant benefits.

  • You should end up with better and more accurate requirements.
  • More of your user community will actually use the software without being told that they have to.
  • If your champion is successful with the pied piper activities, your user community will enthusiastically use the software.

Best of all, your project will be a win/win – Your Company will have a positive return on investment and your user community will be happy using your new software solution.

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