More Processes to Manage

Last week I addressed PLM and the processes it can manage…

This week, let’s talk about some other important processes that can be easily managed by your PLM software.

Risk Management

ISO9001-2015 added risk management to their compliance list.  It seems obvious that companies should address risk management – They may, but not routinely.

Risk management should be a step in many business processes.  The step should call for assessing risk at that point.  It should launch a risk management process with defined steps, responsibilities and approvals.

There are many kinds of risk.  Will my new product be successful?  Is the product’s quality up to snuff?  Could someone get hurt using the product?  Could we get sued?  Etc.

Do a good job of managing risk and your company does well; do a poor job and your company could go down.

CAPA – corrective and preventative actions

This is critical in medical manufacturing.

An example of both risk management and CAPA would be the recent Samsung 7 failure.  There was certainly a failure when it came to testing the design for their batteries.  It would be safe for me to guess that their risk management procedure needs work.

I don’t know if they have a CAPA process in place.  If they do, they should be able to minimize this happening again.  It appears that they have taken steps to minimize the size of the failure.

Good customer service is worth a lot.  For years, Nordstrom has been wearing the banner of great customer service.  They take returns with no questions asked.

PLM Software

Today’s PLM software has the necessary functionality to easily manage these processes and any others you might have.  It will save you money while making your company more efficient.

Contact me if you would like some help…


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