ISO9001-2015 Compliance

In an earlier blog, I put forth the idea that a company is a collection of processes.  If your intent is to be ISO9001 compliant, you will be creating that collection of processes…

Being ISO9001-2015 compliant is good for your company for many reasons.


Many of your customers will select their vendors from those that are ISO9001 compliant.  They are more than likely compliant themselves and wish to use that as a selling point to their customers.  They will need their vendors to be compliant as well.


Improvement – Cut costs by improving your processes.

There are 5 key steps to process improvement.

  • Execute the process
  • Execute it again to make sure that you actually do it that way
  • Measure how long it took
  • Make your improvement
  • Measure it again to see if you actually did improve it

Quality – Many of these ISO standards are about improving quality.

Do you have a quality manual?  Is quality part of your procedures?  Do you have a procedure for corrective and preventative actions?

Risk Management – Risk management is now a part of ISO9001.  Do you have a risk management process?  Is it a part of many of your processes?  This needs to happen regularly – annually is not often enough.

Customer interaction – Your touch point with your customer base is extremely important.  Do you have a process in place for customer interactions?  Are you looking for ways to improve this?

PLM Software

Fortunately, today’s PLM software has the necessary functionality to make complying with ISO9001-2015 simple.  Complying with ISO9001 is in your best interest – it should improve revenues and lower costs.

Contact me if you would like some help…


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