ISO is about Process Management

Both ISO9001 & ISO13485 stress process management.

Competition puts pressure on companies to decrease costs and increase productivity.  Business Process Management [BPM] helps companies improve their organization by analyzing, designing, implementing, monitoring, controlling and modifying their operational business processes.

A Software program that includes document management with business process management can provide your company with…


Businesses are in a constant state of change which makes it important to respond to these changes quickly.  Accurate documentation of your business processes provides clear comprehension of each step in the process.  This knowledge enables you to understand the financial impact any changes may have on your company.


Software can help you automate processes and monitor their performance.  Manually monitoring of your processes can be labor intensive.  Management software can quickly show how a process is performing.  You can see where there are bottlenecks that need work.  You can quickly make changes and see the results.


While documenting your processes, you will discover that there are steps that software can perform that are currently being performed manually.  You may also find steps that are being performed that are not even necessary.

The 2 most critical parts of your process are the handoff and your customer touch points.

The Handoff – This is where a step moves from one employee to another.  That handoff needs to be tracked and the right information must be passed to the right person at the right time.

Customer Touch Points – This describes how your company interacts with your customer.  Your target should not just be happy customers, but ecstatic customers.  An ecstatic customer will recommend you to their friends.

Just Do It

Managing your business processes can provide you with a competitive advantage.  It is to your advantage to design and implement your business processes when you are making money rather than when you can’t really afford it – so do it now.

Contact me if you would like some help…


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