More Process Management Tips – ISO9001

Process management is a big part of ISO9001-2015 compliance.

I have some additional thoughts…

Configuring a Process

Using a manufacturing company as an example, they have a process in place to manufacture widgets.  It may not be documented, but the worker community knows what they need to do each day.

5 Steps to Process Improvement…

  • Interview these workers to document the current process.
  • Exercise the process to make sure that you have it documented accurately.
  • Measure the process – how long did it take you to move through the entire process.
  • Look for ways to improve the process.
    1. Are there some steps that are unnecessary?
    2. Are there some steps that can be performed by a computer?
    3. Make improvements to the process

Add People to the Mixture

It doesn’t matter how good a job you did improving your processes, success will become evident when you add people to the mixture.  This where the rubber meets the road…

  • Measure the new process.

The people using the process will show you how well you did.  Some things that you can’t plan for include the attitude of the worker and their skill level.

The attitude can be fixed by having a ‘champion’ [pied piper] lead them into battle.

Hopefully, the skill level can be fixed with training.

  • Repeat improvement step.

Process Improvements Are an Ongoing Activity

The worker community should be empowered to look for ways to improve the processes that they are involved in.  It is in your company’s best interest to make process improvements a part of your ISO9001 culture.

It can be useful to enlist help from someone that has done this before.  Contact me if you would like some help…


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