PLM Adoption

Oleg Shilovitsky published an article recently where he noted that more than half of engineers in smaller companies aren’t using anything but shared drives and Excel spreadsheets to manage design and engineering data.

I have been in this business a long time and still find it hard to believe that PLM adoption has not reached a majority.

Potential Reasons to not buy

He sees 4 potential reasons why companies aren’t buying PDM/PLM:

  • The value of change is too low
  • The risk is too high
  • The priority to solve the problem is relatively low
  • There is no money [the solution is too expensive]

I have seen similar excuses for not buying a solution.

Potential Reasons to buy

Rather than see why companies don’t purchase a solution, let’s talk about some reasons why they should buy.

ISO compliance – Being ISO compliant will not only help your sales efforts, it will help you address your quality objectives.  In order to be ISO compliant, you must have procedures in place that you follow.

ISO compliance relies on companies being able to manage their documentation.  Under an ISO audit, companies will be required to show documentation.  PDM/PLM software simplifies this activity.

PDM/PLM software helps companies reduce errors by making sure that the worker community has the right information for their work.  Changes to existing products require them to start with the latest version of documentation [drawings, bills of materials, etc.]

Change control – A change request must go through some kind of approval process.  Whether the change is an engineering change or a change to a procedure, it must have an audit trail.  Companies must be able to demonstrate this during an audit.

Positive Cost Justification

I have performed many cost justification analyses over the years and achieving a positive justification is easier than you think.

It can be useful to enlist help from someone that has done this before.  Contact me if you would like some help…


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