Implementing PLM

When implementing PLM, it is beneficial to have a requirements document.

A lot of my customers are companies that have purchased PLM software and are attempting implementation.  As you might imagine, they have many questions regarding configuring the software.

Without a Requirements Document

A technical person will come to your site to implement the software.  If you don’t have a requirements document, they will need to ask you many questions regarding how you would like the software to work.

This adds time and complexity to the project.  Many companies complain about the cost of implementing software and most often, this is the heart of the problem.

With a Requirements Document

After reading the requirements document, the technical person can immediately begin implementing the software.  In a worst case scenario, they may have a few questions or you may have changed your mind about something in the requirements document.

The results include:

  • Shorter time to implement
  • Lower cost of implementation
  • A better solution from the start

A good Requirements Document makes it so much easier for the implementer.  It makes it much better for your company in many ways so, spend more time on your requirements up front in order to save you down the road.

It can be useful to enlist help from someone that has done this before.  Contact me if you would like some help…


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