Gathering PLM Requirements

What is a PLM requirements document and why is it a good idea to write one?

A Requirements Document

A PLM requirements document explains why PLM software is needed.

Requirements are statements of what a PLM solution should do rather than how it should do it.  It should be void of technical details but at the same time it should provide input to the user interface.

Requirements come from end users, customers and sometimes from developers.  Typically, end users will describe their requirements in user interface terms [to them, the user interface is what the software looks like].  They need to do their job and are looking for the software to make it easier.

It is extremely important to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.  They interact with your company through the internet, the phone or face to face.  What can you do to make it easier for them?

More Input to the Requirements

The document should explain the problem[s] you are attempting to solve.  It should identify the costs of the problem[s].  It should identify the potential savings from the successful implementation of a solution.  It should describe what that solution might look like.  A graphical mockup is ideal because it gives all participants an idea of what the solution will look like.  They can tell you what they like about it and what they don’t.  It will help you arrive at a better solution.

Requirements makes the Implementation Easier

The requirements document is extremely important for those implementing the solution.  It helps them understand what the solution might look like.  It answers many questions that they might have.

The successful PLM implementations that I have seen always have a good requirements document to begin the project.

PI PLMx 16-17 October 2017 | Fort Worth, Texas

I will be hosting a focus group on the topic of understanding PLM product requirements in Room 4 on 17 October @ 12:20.

Go to this site if you would like to attend:

I will have time for meetings, contact me if you would like to meet.


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