Tips for PLM Implementation Success

After gathering your requirements, here are some tips for your PLM implementation.

All of the successful PLM implementations that I have been involved with have had the following in common…

  • They started with a vision for their solution.

If the world were perfect, what would your solution look like?

  • They found a champion to lead them through the project.

This doesn’t have to be a VP, but they should be held in high regard.

  • Paid attention to Company Politics.

They gained executive buy-in.

  • They gathered their requirements for their PLM solution.

They cobbled the requirements into a requirements document.

  • Managed to avoid scope creep.

A large killer of these kinds of projects is scope creep.

Make change requests move through a change process.

  • Developed a comprehensive Project Plan.

Find a strong project manager.

  • They recruited an active user group.

Gathered their input to the solution.

They had them do preliminary testing.

  • Managed culture change.

Users will be using new software.

They may be dealing with procedure changes.

Change is difficult for some.

  • Manage expectations

The champion should set realistic expectations.

Everyone is happy when expectations are met…
I will be hosting a focus group on the topic of understanding PLM requirements at PI PLMx in Fort Worth on 17 October @ 12:20 in room 4.

Go to this site if you would like to attend:

I will have time for a meeting, contact me if you would like to meet.




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