Thoughts from PI PLMx

Last week, I attended the PI PLMx conference in Fort Worth.  I hosted a workshop on gathering requirements.

While attending many of the sessions, I saw that companies are facing the same problems that they have been for years.  They have information in multiple systems that don’t necessarily talk to each other.  Finding the information is difficult and moving the information into the systems that need it is difficult.

It is common for companies to have multiple PLM software implementations and/or PDM software as well.  That is just in engineering.  Beyond engineering, companies have manufacturing software like ERP and a multitude of other software systems for other departments.

Few of these systems are integrated.  If you purchase a suite, their functionality tends to be lacking.

Taking a process view should help companies understand where their information is located and where it needs to be.

At the 50,000 foot level, companies are a collection of processes that support their ‘quote to collect’ process.

When companies document their processes, they need to identify the tasks that need to be performed.  Who will perform those tasks?  What systems contain the information needed to start a task?  Where will they store the results of their activities?  And, what tasks are next.

All of a company’s systems don’t need to be integrated.  They may just need to fetch a piece of data from some system(s) and then, as a result of a completed activity, write [publish] a piece of data to a system(s).

A company’s procedures should help uncover what information needs to be where and when it needs to be there.

The benefit of PLM software is to make sure that the right information gets to the right person [system] at the right time.

Contact me if you would like to explore this further…




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