Wait or Act on PLM

Many companies are thinking about PLM.  Fewer are acting on these thoughts than those that are waiting.


Companies that are waiting on PLM are thinking about their problems that are costing them money each and every month.

They are investigating their options.  They are learning about PLM – what it can and can’t do.  They are going through whatever their internal procedures require to develop a purchase request.  They would like to make an educated decision.

All of these delays cost money every month.


Companies that act quickly achieve many benefits.

They begin by limiting their scope to a pilot.  This keeps the cost down.

Implementing a pilot will provide the necessary education needed to make an educated decision.

Companies will learn through experience what works and what doesn’t.

As you work through the pilot phase, you will learn what improvements are needed with your chosen software.  If you happen to choose the right software, you will be well along in your project.  If the chosen software isn’t the right choice, you will be well prepared to make the right selection moving forward.

The end result of this approach is to arrive at a solution that will eliminate the problems that are costing your company money each month much sooner than waiting.

Benefits of PLM

The cost of PLM software is easy to justify – I can provide with an ROI calculator.

Contact me if you would like to explore this further…


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