ISO9001 calls for a Process Approach

The ISO9001-2015 standard calls for the adoption of a process approach to the creation and the management of a QMS [Quality Management System].

The typical QMS addresses all of the processes that compose a company’s ‘quote to collect’ process.  These processes are inter-related in that they are likely to impact another process within ‘quote to collect’.

In order to create an effective QMS, you will need to map out all of your processes [procedures] and understand how they interact with each other.  You will need this information to pass an ISO audit.

Your QMS is a living document.  Since your company is growing and its employees come and go, you will need to make changes/improvements to your QMS.

Most of you are familiar with engineering change requests; it makes a lot of sense to have a general change request.  This way, you can generate a change request to change a process or to change the QMS.

Procedures are what give a company control over their activities.  Procedures identify the steps that must be followed.  Companies can track labor through all of their company’s activities.  Companies can measure their processes to come up with improvements to save time, money and increase quality.

ISO is about Quality

ISO is about quality.  Procedures and control of those procedures have proven to be good way to manage quality.  If an activity is performed the same way every time, you can measure it and potentially improve it.

I have said this before, if your company plans on becoming ISO9001-2015 compliant, it is a great idea to cultivate a culture of compliance.

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