ISO9001 Quality Manual

When your ISO auditor visits your company, they will want to see your Quality Manual.  Your quality manual is quite an undertaking – it could be 100 pages or more.  Not only will it take time to write, it will take time to edit.  It will live in a constant state of change.

Writing your Quality Manual

The first step is to purchase a copy of ISO9001-2015.  The table of contents provides you with an outline that you could use to start writing.  They also put forward some suggestions.  You can find some examples of a quality manual online to get an idea about the format.

Editing your Quality Manual

The editing activity covers several areas.  As well as proofing for spelling and grammar, you will want to make sure that you have covered your entire company.

When you think that you are done, there is more…

You will want to perform an internal audit.  It is likely that you will uncover areas that need editing.  You will want to perform subsequent audits until you are sure that your Quality Manual represents your company accurately and that you will pass an ISO audit.

ISO Compliance

ISO9001-2015 compliance is a win/win.  It should make your company more profitable and it should increase business.  It is well worth the effort.

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