A Benefit from ISO9001 Compliance

As you are documenting your procedures for ISO compliance, you will learn a lot.

Each procedure identifies activities that need to be performed and in what order.  These will be documented as numbered steps where an activity is performed before moving to the next step.

Work Instructions

You will write work instructions describing how to perform those activities.  Employees will likely know how to perform their activities, but they need to be documented for ISO9001 compliance.

The Benefit

Quite often, companies will have only one person perform an activity.  What do they do if that person gets sick and can’t work for a week?  Your work instructions should be clear enough so that another person can step in, follow the instructions and complete the activity.  You will be so thankful that you put forth the effort on your work instructions.

Not only will you be ISO9001 compliant, you will have some insurance that you can produce products or services even if someone is missing.

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