The Quality Plan

As your company is preparing to be ISO9001 compliant, you will be preparing lots of documentation.  One of those documents will be your quality plan.

While quality is your goal, you will need to create a plan that will get you there.

  • Set some target objectives that need to be documented and understood by the whole company.
  • Determine metrics for quality – What will you measure? Improvements must be visible.
  • How will you meet your quality objectives?


Each company will likely have different objectives.  What follows are some ideas for objectives.

  • Reworks due to errors during manufacture
  • Workmanship
  • Requested changes due to communication and/or expectation errors
  • Product appearance
  • Product delivered on time
  • Items noticed during inspections
  • Life of the product [did its useful life meet expectations?]
  • Customer complaints

Quality Metrics

Determine metrics that you can measure.  Start tracking these measurements.

When you make Improvements, your measurements should show whether you actually made an improvement or not.

Customer communications are important to getting new customers and keeping your existing customers.  Customer surveys are a good way to get feedback from your customers.  Use the information to improve your product or service.

Quality Plan

What steps will your company take to address your quality metrics?  How will you meet your objectives?  How will you address quality improvement?

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