ISO9001-2015 is about your Customer

Customer Satisfaction

ISO9001-2015 is not just about quality management, it is about your company meeting its customer’s requirements.  ISO certification shows that your company is focused on improving its business practices and its customer satisfaction.  ISO certification should improve business for several reasons:

  • Improved quality will increase demand for your product or service
  • ISO certified companies prefer to do business with other ISO certified companies
  • The focus on customer satisfaction should help with referrals [word of mouth]

ISO9001-2015 includes many sound management practices that you will find useful at your company.  Things like:

  • A quality policy
  • Quality goals and objectives
  • Business procedures for all of your company’s activities
  • Detailed work instructions for consistency and quality
  • Customer focus
  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Determining customer satisfaction
  • And many more

During the process of writing your quality manual, you will learn a lot about your company and where it stands on quality.  It has many useful ideas that you can apply to your company.

ISO9001 certified companies will typically:

  • Make fewer errors
  • Minimize waste
  • See more control over processes provides greater control over results
  • Continuously improve

Satisfied customers are less likely to shop around.  An authentic customer focus should improve your success at customer satisfaction.  ISO9001-2015 certification is all good…


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